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Balinda Musti

Nationality : Ugandan

SEX : Male

HEIGHT : 5ft7

WAIST : 30

Balinda Musti, a model and photographer living with vitiligo, aims to raise awareness about the disease. As Mr. Famous Ability Uganda 2022/23, she represents people with disabilities, advocating for empowerment. To achieve her mission, Balinda seeks association with prominent individuals. Through public engagements, he conducts vitiligo awareness campaigns. Connect with her on social media platforms @balindamusti. Physical attributes include a height of 5 ft 7 inches, weight of 50 kg, waist size of 29/30, dark curly hair, black eyes, and a clothing size of 40. His significant accomplishment is inspiring acceptance and leadership among people with vitiligo in Uganda, while also aiming to attract organizations to fund research on its causes and cure. Contact his at