Kibirango Gabriel

Nationality : Ugandan

SEX : Male

HEIGHT : 5"9

BURST : 38

WAIST : 32

Kibirango Gabriel Ogal is an advanced level student who took his UACE exams in 2022 at St. Julian High School. He is eagerly anticipating his admission to university. His measurements include a bust size of 38, a height of 5’9″, and a waist size of 32.

His notable accomplishment was participating in the second edition of the Northern Fashion Week, where he had the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals passionate about the fashion and design industry. Growing up, he didn’t initially have a clear career path due to limited opportunities in his background. However, as he matured and began making independent choices, he discovered his interest and passion in modeling. Kibirango believes that if talent alone doesn’t propel him forward, his hard work will ensure his success