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Nakayondo Joweria

Nationality : Ugandan

SEX : Female

HEIGHT : 5"5

BURST : 31

WAIST : 26

Nakayondo Joweria, a model, actress, and vixen, possesses a bust size of 31 inches, stands at a height of 5’5″, and has a waist size of 26 inches. Notable accomplishments include winning the MOST NOBLE MODEL award in 2023’24 and being recognized as the Best COMMERCIAL MODEL in the same year.

Nakayondo has also graced prestigious fashion events such as VUMBULA UGANDA, LIT fashion shows, and AMAVIS fashion shows. She has gained recognition for her appearances in viral music videos of renowned Ugandan artists. Nakayondo aspires to pursue a career as a Stylist alongside her modeling endeavors to support herself financially.